Friday, September 9, 2011

Amazon Kindle Tablet: The Great Disappointment

Finally, that was not a rumor. Amazon is really working on a tablet computer that will be released later this year. MG Siegler, Tech Crunch blogger, was recently invited for a private discovery session and revealed a few interesting things about this future device.

I think the main information is that Amazon knows well how to sell products. Please, learn your lesson : First start leaking some light info, just enough to create a rumor. Then let people speculate for a few months. Then start revealing the truth at a snail's pace to keep making a buzz around you until the product is out.

All this is marketing, and this Amazon Kindle Tablet with its 7 inch size and its single core CPU will probably need a lot of such good marketing techniques to meet its final customers. This tablet is going to be cheap (but not so cheap compared to recent hp sales and new low-cost trend), and it's its single argument.

This tablet is nothing but what it could have been.
I was dreaming of a next-generation display (PixelQI, Mirasol or Liquavista), but sorry, it will be this kind of old LCD screen that you can't read outside.
I was dreaming of an open system, but after reading that the OS is a forked version of Android, I have no illusion anymore.
I was dreaming of a powerful processor for a smooth web experience. It will be a single core CPU...

For all these achievements and others not cited here, the Amazon Kindle Tablet receives the title of Great Disappointment 2011, to be confirmed when the product is launched.

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